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parchment is never parched after drinking ink

aka me babbling about stuff

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Name:hijabi / hinata
Location:United States of America

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[community profile] iam the Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender) of Dreamwidth!

hi! as you can probably tell from the username, i'm a muslim sort of a colossal nerd. (aren't we all?) i can be cranky but i mean well and my conscience eventually wins me over. i'm not a huge fanfic writer or RPer but i do enjoy reading them occasionally.

and now for some reasons zuko and i are Practically The Same
  • dad issues

  • not the biggest fan of tea

  • dual swords i mean are you kidding me i love dual weaps in MMOs

  • bad guy gone good trope

  • highly insecure about where i'm gonna end up in life

  • would totally die alone in a blizzard

  • so. much. childhood. trauma.

  • big softie with a hard-but-fragile exterior

  • firebending is cool okay don't tell me you wouldn't wanna manipulate fire

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