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2016-05-31 10:23 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: the internet nomad

wow. i can't remember the last time i was on a website like this, but i know i was young.

hi! i'm hijabi. that's not my real name, and no one actually calls me that, but this is the internet. i'm a young adult (not the YA ficiton kind) and my tastes are too eclectic to even begin. i will tell you that i love animals, nature, and delicious food!

i'm not sure how active i'll be here. i tend to hop from site to site. part of my childhood and most of my adolescence was actually online (sad, i know) but i often lived in places where it was hard to genuinely connect with other people.

i'm not really looking for close friends. my leaky memory may drip drop the fact i even signed up for this site today, but i do want to interact and generally share my life with people.

now it's time to explore. seeya 'round!
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2016-09-16 12:00 am
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long time no see

i finally got rid of my vent.

that place was fun at first. the more time you spend on communities like that, however, the more you see it's ugly underbelly. i'm glad i left. it was reminding me of too many uncomfortable memories and fears.

from now on i'm gonna post most of my entries to the access list only. may move a few old entries there too. expect less public entries!
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2016-08-25 06:07 pm
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found the website host that works best for me AND it doesn't cost money to hook up a third party domain name. yeehaw! thanks, squarespace. only thing is in less than 14 days my free trial ends. wah. but all is not lost, for i have a sponsor.

i found some cool things these past few days. like most of the cool things i discover these days, they're all youtube channels.
  • The Dom
  • Nerdwriter1
  • Wisecrack
wisecrack isn't actually new to me. i've enjoyed their earthling cinema series and all the eyebrows that entails for a while now. what interests me at the moment are their "the philosophy of" videos. nerdwriter does these stunningly evocative, thought-provoking video essays and the dom discusses relevant books and movies. i adore the lost in adaptation (adaption?) series. could do without the cross dressing.

i'm neglecting my writing habits in favor of reading and i seriously need to find a way to balance the two. i'll probably have to break out timers. at least half an hour of writing a day to start should be good. i can get a lot done in half an hour at this keyboard.

well, that's pretty much it. until next time!
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2016-07-26 12:52 am
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characters made to be loved

after a while you notice a trend with your favorite characters. generally speaking, we like protagonists that face challenges. they don't even have to succeed, we just wanna see them make a real effort. and it won't feel like it counts if there's nothing actually at stake. we expect the main characters to make it through, yeah, but there has to be an actual threat. there have to be constraints. something has to stand in the way.

somehow even shounen manga and anime manage to pull this off, even with their ridiculous power ups and implausible physical abilities. (then again we gotta suspend disbelief any time we're watching animation or looking at illustrations.)

there are other factors that go into making solid characters. they need to be convincing. they should have backgrounds, opinions, motivations. characters drive the story forward. at least, they're supposed to. figuring out how exactly they're going to do that is half the fun of writing.

personally, i like characters that...
  • struggle with insecurities and/or mental illness
  • go the famous "bad guy turned good" route
  • change their perception on the world or the people who live in it for the better
  • despite their own shortcomings do their best to pull up those surrounding them, friend/foe/stranger
  • are big sweethearts
characters should have flaws that balance out their strengths. their human after all. if they don't they probably fall into some mary sue/wish fulfillment category and the former is particularly alienating to fans. to rule out wish fulfillment altogether strikes me as silly. after all, there are many elements of escapism in all types of stories, acted or animated. a little indulgence is fine, it just has to make sense and not go overboard.

character creation is pretty fun. i've had lots of projects that hardly get past the character and world building stages because of how fun it is. anyway, i've got stuff to be doing. seeya!
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2016-07-24 11:49 pm
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all these shounen exams

i can see why shounen anime has such an appeal. the themes of adventure, strong friendship, and overcoming trials resonate with pretty much everyone on the planet. there was a time where all i ever wanted to watch was shounen. though i have my gripes with certain tropes and characteristics of the genre (like with any genre) one anime keeps sucking me in over these past few days.

it's hunter x hunter. the 2011 reboot.

at the moment i'm almost done watching the arc with the hunter exam. this show doesn't play around with plot or characterization. it's so refreshing--i think there's only been one filler episode so far. so many moments take me back to the time when i got sucked into the chuunin exams when naruto began airing in the US. i was hooked.

i'm not a fan of violence, cartoon or otherwise. i think revenge is dumb, useless, and a waste of time. but watching naruto was a surreal experience for me as a kid because so many of these characters with their crazy designs had just as ridiculous backstories. but they were relatable. it taught me that people suffer. that everyone suffers, and people rely on vastly different coping mechanisms to deal with their past... whether that's burying your memories, living in denial, isolating yourself, or resorting to violence, trying to recover from trauma, or whatever myriad of techniques one might attempt.

so if i don't like violence then why do i watch these shows fraught with fighting and animated murder? well, there are a few reasons. it certainly isn't for entertainment. gore and blood gross me out. the violence, for me, is nevertheless mostly ignorable. it's fake and the audience knows that. no one in reality is summoning giant frogs and snakes and slugs and using them to fight one another. (i hope so, anyway. keep your oversized animals in the wild, please.) i mostly enjoy seeing people get out of sticky situations. i might learn a thing or two along the way about psychology or other common escape tactics. it's surprisingly enriching. while the excessive explanation sometimes breaks immersion for older audiences as a kid i appreciated the time taken to analyze the situation because half the time i was too young to synthesize that on my own.

hunter x hunter is reminding me of that time. no, not because there was also an exam with overpowered children in a tournament-style event involved. it's moreso the storytelling, character development, and seat-gripping plot twists that get me excited. these are the kinda shows i cherish forever. it's also the reason i'm actually considering reading the naruto manga from start to finish.

i saw the original anime (minus some filler) plus some shippuuden before i got bored and decided to wait until the series finishes, like many other naruto fans who weren't following the manga. i've been spoiled for the end of the manga and other major plot points as the series was slowly wrapping up but there's still so much i don't know. that's the thing about shows you watch when you're young--you get really invested. it's like seeing old friends. you wanna know how they're doing, even if it's too late to see them progress in real time. i also started reading boruto (i know, bad practice) but it honestly made me suck on my pride and decide okay, i intend do it. i'm gonna try to actually read the whole manga series in one go. (more or less)

72 volumes. that's a lot of manga. and a lot of money. but i think it's worth it. masashi kishimoto's art and story make me feel. it forces me look into myself. it silently encourages me to find the same strength the characters do to triumph over the seemingly impossible.

more than anything, it makes me happy. it fills me with hope. and those are the kinds of stories i really wanna write.
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2016-07-24 05:39 am
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obligatory title or something

so i recently discovered a few things.
  • official english translations of light novels exist... and in kindle format, to boot!
  • weekly shounen jump only costs 99¢ in the kindle store
  • digital manga is really cheap on the kindle store (i've seen volumes go for $4.49)
  • you can read whatever manga you buy in the kindle store on comixology
for some reason comixology tends to be a lot more expensive than the kindle store, which is strange because i thought amazon owned comixology...? anyway, at least i didn't get ripped off. i love reading comics. manga used to bother me because the small print on those tiny pages seemed to teased me in their microscopic sclae. with the digital comics i get a crisp, clean picture that i can enlarge to whatever size i want! haha! take that, paper!

it surprises me to see so many manga i'd wanted to read years ago on comixology--stuff i thought no one remembered or knew about. that's good for me! now i get to float in that lovely cloud of sweet, sweet nostalgia in something old yet new.

tbh i was typing this in a separate tab and i completely forgot what i was gonna type about because i kept switching between them so here, you get an abrupt ending. wait, i just remembered. i don't feel like writing about it in this entry, though. welp. abrupt ending redaction, redacted.
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2016-07-22 04:34 am
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my gripes with anime

ever go on a video watching spree that entertains, enlightens, and elucidates so succinctly that you're bursting with inspiration and articulation?

i just did. i'm talking about the youtube channels Now You See It, Digibro, and Mother's Basement. mostly the last two.

storytelling fascinates me, whether in film, literature, or animated series. sometimes i just open up tvtropes and go to town learning the terms and archetypes that define my favorite genres. i also take an unreasonable amount of pleasure in opening a bunch of tabs in google chrome. sue me.

the channels i mention mainly focus on film or anime. they're audio/visual mediums with lots in common and capable of imparting genuinely beneficial experiments.

so now for the inevitable list of things in anime that bother me!
  • fanservice and sexualization of minors
  • excessive explanation
  • drawn-out and insultingly obvious exposition
  • excessive jargon
i'd like to go more in depth but fatigue is telling me to not finish this sentence and post this entry already so i can sleep
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2016-07-21 10:22 pm
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farmer's markets!

yes! pumped up zuko icon because today i just found out there's actually a farmer's market or two nearby! i've been to one (perhaps more) before and it was so nice to see "home-grown" foods. they're only open on certain days however which is fine by me honestly. forces you to plan ahead.

i wonder if they'd sell me any seeds if i asked? buying certain foods you kind of get seeds for free, but i was just wondering.

speaking of gardening there's also a community garden across the street. i wonder how much a permit costs? i think i'll stick to indoor gardening before i go out and try to reserve a plot just like that.
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2016-07-20 09:46 pm
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overfed, overmedicated... over everything

apologies for the lack of updates. i've been in a slump lately honestly.

so little has been going on lately, in my personal life, so i've started researching random topics of interest or things i've heard about as i usually do when bored. to be quite honest, i knew corruption was widespread and invasive but had no idea to what almost unavoidable extent. it's made me re-evaluate my entire life, behaviors, and beliefs (about this country and the world at large, not in the spiritual sense).

it's no secret we're being screwed over in every facet of our lives by huge corporations and the US government. it's no secret these huge corporations owned by greedy elites are using their affluence to exercise a terrifying amount of control over the policies and laws that are meant to protect us.

frankly, we're all sick of it. and after a few existential crises and time spent looking inward i've decided i want little to nothing to do with it. i'm not sure when or exactly how but i plan on making some changes to my life so that i'm less dependent on these abuse-prone scammers. the first step is education. it's vital to prevent getting stuck in the rat race and other common pitfalls. i'm so glad i've been blessed with the opportunity and tools to learn, grow, and prosper. rights big business owners seem to believe only belong to them. but anyway.

people make jokes about dystopian societies and thank God they're not living in a hunger games-esque environment. while we may not have the over-the-top symbolism or government endorsed death games of classic and modern novels alike, there are definitely remorseless figures pulling strings to fulfill their own selfish desires via genocide, war, and large scale oppression.

and america is no exception.

i'm not suggesting we revolt or secede or whatever. i'm talking about less extreme measures. i'm concerned about my health, family, future, and future family. i want to live healthier, stronger, smarter. i want to help people. and i certainly don't want to do that while slowly killing and diseasing myself with processed foods, questionable medical "treatment," and other nonsense that's been shoved down our throats that require us to work work work until we die to line the pockets of corporations that don't give two rats toenails.

alright, time for me to do some more studying. i recommend you do your own as well. this entry merely tiptoes around the factors driving this not-so-sudden change.

pray for me. peace.
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2016-07-17 07:22 pm
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my goodness

if the spoilers i'm seeing on tumblr for harry potter and the cursed child are accurate (and many of them line up with each other) then i'm glad i decided NOT to preorder the book (screenplay?) because... yeah. just. wow lol.
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2016-07-14 08:57 pm
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so. pokemon go.

my expectations weren't that high, but man. i'm still a bit disappointed.

while the game was certainly fun the first few days and the slew of unavoidable bugs and server errors are understandable, this game definitely feels rushed. nintendo probably felt pressured to release the game to coincide with the summer holiday. nevertheless no piece of media is free of constructive criticism or input from consumers.

pokemon go, as it is, feels unbalanced. just look at this reddit thread. it points out pretty much all of my problems with the game so far. living in a suburban area next to a park isn't as bad as living in a rural area, but it discourages me from playing the game amid the slew of errors and bugs.

people are already quitting because of the unrewarding nature of the game. if the developers don't work on this soon... nintendo could lose significant profits.
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2016-07-07 10:43 pm
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you know what?

i think i wanna save for some other things.
  • funeral costs
  • hajj
  • emergencies
owning a tiny house would be nice, but there are tons of legal issues associated with them. plus, i gotta be practical.

i really don't wanna die in debt lol.
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2016-07-05 11:00 am
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"hey. zuko here."

it's been a while, huh?

i've been busy as a bumbling little bee. i'm kind of drained and don't feel like i can type coherently but i don't like going too long without updating journals regularly, otherwise i'll forget it exists for a looong time.

inshaAllah i'll soon have time to write and read more so that i'm not completely burnt out.
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2016-06-29 08:31 am
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i think a lot about debt

i think about a lot of things a lot. repetitious and true.

every day i start noticing patterns. themes. common strands of thoughts and experiences. this isn't new, per se, but it's happening more frequently. the more i get in touch with my religion, the more introspective and reflective i become during mundane tasks like eating or watching youtube videos about... idk, how to make laksa noodles.

i've had kind of a rough start to life, you could say. not awful enough to turn into a superhero movie antagonist but certainly not so luxurious that i'd make many people jealous. but the instability and prospects of my future in this life make me worry. every. day.

the world around me is so corrupt. it's also expensive. it's dangerous, too, but at the moment i'm living more or less comfortably. however i have a feeling that in a few months it won't be so comfortable. i'll be stepping into "the real world." (never liked that phrase. the world was always real before. i just never had to deal with quite so much ridiculousness all at once.)

i'm talking money. it's no surprise the world's economy is in the gutter. we've been dealing with it for a while. now i'm gonna deal with it too. more directly than ever.

i don't think people want to be rich. i think they want financial stability. after all, so many people get rich and lose it all. so many people with money spend their time working to death just to accumulate wealth. i doubt money actually makes us happy. yes, it can contribute. but clearly it's not the only factor in bringing satisfaction to your life.

anyway idek what i'm trying to say in this journal. i guess i'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the rest of my life. strangely, at the moment i'm oddly calm.

let's see how this goes.
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2016-06-27 07:42 am
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[photo of savings projections over 10, 20, and 30 years.]

i'm still pretty interested in tiny houses.

before hitting retirement age i could possibly have enough money, in cash, for a totally decked out RV. i'm not fond of interest or monthly payment plans that tack on unnecessary fees. i don't even like monthly subscriptions. mostly because my memory stinks, which also stinks for anyone managing money.

is it sad that i don't see myself owning a house, though? this is merely an ideal. a dream. a fantasy to put it bluntly in today's market. i've only ever lived in apartments. the idea of shackling myself to an impossibly high debt for 30 or so years to pay off a traditional home disgusts me. i can't imagine living in such a big space for the rest of my life. there's so much room, so much to maintain, and it's so... expensive. even when you own the home you've gotta maintain it. that's true for anything. but something that costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars... i can't reasonably justify that.

this is all wishful thinking. retirement scares me. it seems like a mirage. a disappearing sight that may or may not be there when i finish blinking. our government handles finances like a gambler in a casino--throwing hard-earned money into different machines hoping that chance will somehow magically solve all of it's problems. the housing market is a complete wreck and i'm not sure we're even equipped to fix it.

anyway. i don't even know if i'll live long enough to own a house (which doesn't make me too sad) but hey, it is one of my goals.

now i could also use a fraction of that money to spend on a small business, which would be great, but at the moment i'm not concerned with business pursuits. i doubt i'd need that much since the funds would go to intangible things. think domain/hosting costs, taxes, and other fees. runing a business with a large volume of physical goods would only stress me out.

well that certainly was a tangent. no one really reads this besides myself but i do like documenting these thoughts so i can laugh at myself later.
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2016-06-23 05:35 pm

i don't like light novels

fanfiction. comics. picture books. chapter books. webcomics. short stories.

throughout my life i've always liked reading. like with most kids, the pretty pictures never hurt. i used to swallow books whole. sure, i was easily distracted, but certain reads managed to pull me in for hours without pause. i became obsessed with finding (and occasionally writing) what i considered "good" stories.

over the years i started becoming more aware of my limited time on this planet. i figured if i'm gonna read a book or webcomic it better be good. anything that didn't fit my personal idea of excellence earned the shelf or the drop. after all, i owed it to myself to only find the best, right?

of course in the back of my mind i knew that wasn't totally true. there's as much, if not more to learn from bad literature as there is from the good. note: that just because conventional standards indicate something is well-written, it may not be entertaining or meaningful. the same applies in reverse. think about your favorite kid shows. looking back, you may realize some of them are kinda terrible. but you enjoyed them nonetheless. there's more to writing a gripping story than merely checking a list of agreed upon grocery items.

the majority of work out there probably isn't worth your time if you're looking for a well-written, meaningful read. but that doesn't mean it's not a useful learning tool. humans more easily point out flaws than points of praise. most of us have sat down to check out the latest show or trilogy only to come back disappointed, perhaps even thinking we could write something much less cringe-worthy ourselves.

personal taste and experience will dictate how much you enjoy certain works, but overall the idea of a perfectly written book is the most unrealistic fantasy one can have. we're human. we've made mistakes and will continue to mess up spectacularly for the rest of our time on earth. but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

so i kinda wanna make a goal for myself right here and now. read more. read stuff i hate. read stuff i wouldn't usually pick up. read stuff i like. read read read to get a better understanding of what works, what doesn't, and how i can improve myself.

i suffer from perfectionist tendencies that lead to unnecessary procrastination. i forget that the best writing doesn't come out in the first or second or third draft, but after multiple thoughtful revisions. i'm gonna write stuff that sucks and that's alright. what matters is that i keep making content.

that's part of why i like journaling. takes the pressure off creative processes when i can just say whatever i'm thinking. warming up is only half the fun, and creating art is one of the most rewarding and touching things a human being can do to connect with the rest of the world. i pray that i'll be able to craft stories that matter to people for all the right reasons. now i've just gotta start.

oh. about the title. i don't like light novels. at least, not their translations. the style is a bit bland and the writing can sometimes be comparable to stories i wrote for school assignments in middle school, but that's okay because even though i wrote some awful prose i clearly had ideas and drive. the execution may have lacked but looking back i can appreciate the effort i put forth. some pages i wrote back then still impress me! i want to get back that burning fire i used to have, and to do it i think i should readopt the same attitude i had back then.

take a cool idea and do your best to make it come to life. sprinkle in as little or as much wish fulfillment as you'd like--and don't pretend it's not there--but make it interesting. more importantly, have fun. and don't lose sight of what makes your story shine.
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2016-06-17 06:17 am
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what is this islam thing? | part 1: the qur'an

hello there! welcome to my dreamwidth.

you're probably here because someone (likely me) linked you to this post. there's so much misinformation, confusion, and inaccuracy concerning islam online and in the media that i feel obligated to write a series on it. i have no idea how long this will be or if i'll even live to finish it, but inshaAllah (if God wills) i will do my best!

[please note that this dreamwidth acts as a livejournal-style blog for me, so the rest of the posts you find on this subdomain may have nothing to do with religion lol. feel free to look around after reading this if you want.]

this post is mainly aimed at non muslims as well as muslims who feel disconnected from or ignorant of their religion. lots of us come from cultures or families that identify as muslims but hardly put it into practice. sometimes relatives confuse tradition with islam, leading to misconceptions and flat out ignoring islamic principles (such as seeking knowledge, treating women with respect, and so much more).

please read carefully! since i already mentioned some everyday islamic terminology and phrases, i'd like to start with one of the most important aspects of the islam: scripture.

what is the qur'an?

the qur'an is the last revelation from Allah, aka God. it's word-for-word His own speech. in it He teaches us how to go about our lives. though recitation of the qur'an is melodious and beautiful, it's important to note that it's neither music nor poetry.

what does the word "qur'an" mean?

it means "that which is recited." i notice people sometimes pronounce it like "curr-anne" but it's more like "qoor-an."

didn't islam just copy and paste past religious scripture with a few changes?


remember how i said Allah is the one who made the qur'an? He also sent down the torah and the bible to earlier people. the people who recieved and practiced the lessons in those books were actually muslims, which Allah Himself tells us in the qur'an. (confused? keep reading.)

muslims today believe in the torah, bible, and the qur'an... though we don't regard the first two in their current states as something to follow. why? because humans have manipulated and altered those earlier texts. that's why you won't see a muslim cracking open a copy of the king james bible for guidance. some of those past people who received scripture decided to change the words, rulings, and guidance from God to suit their own desires. once they did that, those folks were no longer practicing islam.

the whole "religious text altering" shouldn't surprise us. it's well-known that the church would often adopt pagan practices and ideas. this is why lots of christian holidays coincide with pagan ones.

Allah didn't create multiple religions. the religion taught in those holy books was always, always, always islam. human beings--with the free will that God gave them--were the ones who disregarded His teachings and continued to break up into schism after schism or invented their own religions.

to put an end to this, Allah sent down the final revelation to all of mankind and promised to preserve it. today that promise has still been kept, as we've preserved many early copies of the qur'an. put them side by side and they're exactly the same words in the same order, the same ayahs, the same surahs. the only differences you'll see are decorations and the script (or "font" if you will) used.

ayahs? surahs? what?

ayah (or ayat) is the arabic word that has many meanings. most translate this as "verse" when speaking about the qur'an. this translation is pretty lacking imo. ayah means "sign" or "miracle." ayahs in the qur'an can be a single word, a sentence fragment, or span multiple sentences. there is wisdom to be gleamed from every single ayah, no matter how small.

to be quite honest i've forgotten what the word surah means in a detailed arabic perspective. i don't wanna talk about stuff i don't know and mislead people. often the 114 surahs of the qur'an are referred to as "chapters" but that word misrepresents what a surah is. surahs don't necessarily focus on one topic or like a chapter in a novel--there are often multiple themes and concepts within each, and it may not be a linear progression.

i thought muhammad wrote the qur'an.

a lot of people do. in reality prophet muhammad was illiterate. he couldn't read or write, and someone who can't consume literature certainly wouldn't be able to suddenly begin spouting expertly crafted recitations accurately detailing phenomena and scientific facts he never could have experienced for himself.

wait. if muhammad couldn't write then how come we have the qur'an written on paper?

a fair question. i'm glad you asked. it's not surprising that muhammad couldn't write. most people in the desert over 1400 years ago couldn't. we still have countries and areas with abysmal literacy rates. however there were still scribes who lived among and around him that would write these revelations to aid their own memorization.

i'm interested in reading the qur'an. where should i start?

i'm glad you asked! there are tons of free apps and websites out there. my personal favorite is quran.com. it features all 114 surahs. hover over (or click on if you're mobile) an arabic word to highlight it and get a basic translation. at the top you can choose to listen to various reciters and your preferred translation (including non-english ones).

i recommend selecting the "sahih international" english translation along with the reciter "mishary rashid al-afasy." you can choose multiple at once for comparison but know that some translations use more old english than others (yusuf ali, pickthall) which will probably confuse you. not saying those translations are bad, just letting you know ahead of time to avoid confusion.

the qur'an differs from other books in that you can begin reading it from wherever you want as long as you read the surah from the beginning. longer surahs tend to come earlier while the shorter ones often inhabit the end. in fact, the second surah is the longest in the qur'an at 286 ayahs, and a lot of them are beefy. (i just noticed that i mentioned beef. baqarah means cow. funny coincidence. anyway!) those beefier this can discourage you, so i'll link a few surahs on the shorter side to help you grasp some basic concepts of islam. i recommend reading them in this order.
if you do compare these translations you'll notice some differences. you know how we'll sometimes say meaning gets lost in translation? english and arabic are no different. some words can be translated easily. others may have different images and feelings associated with them, so the connotations differ. that's part of why you can't look at the qur'an superficially. you have to dig. fortunately many have already done the hard part for us--we just have to study their work to come to true understanding.

a gentle reminder: if you come to the qur'an with preconceived notions or assuming you already know everything about a surah then you won't benefit from reading it. if you can admit to yourself that you know nothing then you will learn. if you can admit to yourself that you may not know as much as you thought then you will learn.

okay, i read the surahs you linked. now what?

ultimately that's up to you! this was merely a quick, non-comprehensive intro post. i'm not sure if i'll even get to write more--although i'd love to!

this information is merely a starting point. i'm just one person so i may not be able to answer all (or any) of your questions because i myself am learning. check out some islamic sources that i'll link below to help you understand what you come across!

you will encounter many unfamiliar terms.
there are tons of lectures, short videos, web series, writings, etc spread across these resources that i hope will prove useful in trying to understand the true meaning of islam. not what the media tells you to justify killing civillians and denying refugees... not what your "religious" family members tell others to feel superior... not what people who don't give a flying flapjack about religion have to say about topics they know little to nothing about... but knowledge from genuine islamic sources.

by the way, the aim of this page isn't to convert anyone (although that would be cool)! it's to help people understand the way of life God's been teaching us all along. islam is a pretty practical approach to life. the more you study, the more you'll understand it.

may Allah guide, protect, and have mercy on us all! ameen.

links to the parts of the "what is this islam thing?" series below!

part 0 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3
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2016-06-17 05:53 am
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what is this islam thing? | part 0: some basic terminology

[currently under construction as i copy the definitions and explanations and such from the original vent. i'd like to edit it further to be a bit more comprehensive in the future.]

hello everyone! thanks for checking this post out.

islam (noun)
the religion that muslims practice. it's a religion of peace and submission to Allah.

Allah (proper noun)
literally just the arabic word for God. arabic speakig jews and christians also say Allah. (for some christians this is God "the father," though muslims believe that Allah never had, has, or will have children or spouses.)

muslim (noun)
someone who practices islam. note that we are a religious group, not a race or ethnicity.

islamic (adjective)
an adjective that describes something related to islam. note that terrorism is evil and has no place in islam, so "radical islam" is not really islam at all and "islamic terrorists" are actually going against the teachings of islam by killing people.

not so fun fact: many of these terrorist organizations target and kill muslims sooo yeah definitely not islamic behavior.

alhamdulillah (phrase)
all praise and thanks belong to Allah (God).

Allahuakbar (phrase)
Allah (God) is the greatest.

subhanallah (phrase)

perfect/exalted is Allah (God).

as salamu alaikum (phrase)
"peace be upon you." it's the way muslims greet each other! what a wonderful greeting, especially said with a smile. the reply is...

wa alaikum as salam (phrase)
"and peace be upon you." this is how you reply! whe you reply you're also encouraged to say the following, which is longer...

wa alaikum as salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh (phrase)
"and peace upon you, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings." it's considered rude not to respond back when someone gives you salams because it's a religious duty AND why wouldn't you say hello back anyway?

masjid (noun)
the building in which muslims gather to pray together. usually prayers are being lead five times a day. the masjids are usually most full during the friday prayer and during ramadan. many masjids also serve as sunday schools. outside you'll usually find a parking lot, and probably a playground or field for kids to play in during recess.

the word for masjid in english is mosque but most muslims will say masjid amongst each other. when talking to non muslims we usually say mosque to avoid confusion.

wallahi (phrase)
it literally means "by Allah." you're basically swearing by Allah that what you just said or are about to say is true.

in islam we believe that the only thing worth swearing by is God. however some people use this phrase every sentence. we should try to be careful how much we use this phrase, lest we slip up and say something inappropriate or that we didn't mean to while using the name of God.

in sha Allah (phrase)
if Allah wills. it's similar to the english phrase "God willing."

we say this often when discussing plans for the future. we know that at any moment we could return to Allah (aka dying), so this particular phrase can keep from feeling arrogant/invincible because no one can tell you when you're going to die. we remember death not to be morbid, but to motivate us to do better.

because arabic has letters with no english equivalent you'll sometimes see the same word(s) written various ways. i like to write these words "inshaAllah."

links to the parts of the "what is this islam thing?" series below!

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2016-06-15 04:56 am
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pillowfort stretch goals are here!

i'm so happy!

i was worried these wouldn't get put out before the end of the indiegogo campaign. i doubt those goals will be reached at this rate since the campaign's about 2/3 full and activity momentum's slowed but you never know!

i'm glad we can purchase more than one access key. after all, the account linking features interests me most. i hope the usernames i want won't be taken by the time i sign up lol.

not much else new to say on the subject besides i'm stoked!
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2016-06-15 04:03 am
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my love for games

they can get expensive, but i believe in the power of games.

i grew up on nintendo so i'm definitely biased but man, imo video games are one of the most versatile and immersive tools out there. why did i refer to them as tools instead of as a medium? well, that's essentially what they are. they're story-telling tools. they're educational tools. they're whatever-you-program-them-to-be tools. heck, PETA's notorious for their violent and derogatory parody games to communicate their message. i think they could go about it with more tact, but that's just my opinion.

i don't have to tell you that video games have a bad rep. so does television. the criticism is nothing new. i understand the complaints. many of them aren't totally unfounded. however, a loooot of those "ban all videogames" or "video games are evil" folks haven't personally experienced enough games to make an informed opinion if you ask me.

sometimes it feels like they just parrot newscasters because they want an excuse to tell their kids instead of admitting they don't want to spend their money on the latest pokemon game. (which is fair enough. it is their money after all.)

you can probably tell which camp i'm in at this point. it's all about how you use video games. knives aren't inherently evil. you can use them to carve meat and prepare a meal. they're also capable of non-intended uses like opening packages. some people take otherwise harmless tools and turn them into murder weapons. the same can be said for pretty much anything else. perhaps you can't take someone out IRL with a game of smash bros... but no action is without consequence.

maybe you played the game in front of your five year old sister and now she thinks punching people to death is a form of affection. that's a problem. we gotta be careful how and what we play--sometimes with who. most parents buy kids toys or games without reading reviews or doing a little research. i've seen so many parents blindly buy their children extremely violent games that THEY PAID FOR and then get mad at the kid when they find out how graphic it is later... without remembering that they didn't look at the cover. that they didn't ask about the rating. that they just figured "if it'll make you shut up i'll get it" while buying it without hesitation.

we can't blame just one person or group on the effects certain games and genres have on our psyche. we gotta remind ourselves step back and try to see what we did wrong, what we may have overlooked or ignored. this isn't easy, but if we want better it's gonna take a little self-criticism.

alright, enough of the negatives. let's get positive!

as i said earlier, i love video games. i grew up playing them. i'm getting tired of typing so i'm just gonna bullet point the rest of this lol.
  • games help with hand-eye coordination
  • certain genres promote developing problem-solving and strategy skills
  • plot and characterization can increase empathy, sympathy, and overall emotional intelligence
  • they can improve spatial reasoning capabilities
  • help fine-tune fine motor skills
  • developing games often requires effective leadership/teamwork skills, mathematics, and a decent understanding computer sciences
there's a lot more i could go into but like i said i am tired of typing and i wanna know what's been revealed at E3 rn so far
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2016-06-15 03:33 am
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i'm literally obsessed with games and the internet

today on embarrassing but true: see the title above.

seriously. i know ADD plays a role. my short-term memory and attention span are laughable. i tend to over-focus on details thus missing the bigger picture. i get sucked into browsing web page after web page. time almost seems to run away from me, even when i set alarms and whatnot. (in fact sometimes i don't even register the fact that the alarms are meant to help me.)

overall, mentally you could say i'm a mess lol. but it's okay. that's how i was born, and i can learn to work with what i've got.

i'm getting a liiittle better at doing what i gotta. however i still make the mistake of starting things i know i'll get carried away with. (*sideways glance at my 3DS.*) i'm not sure what techniques will work for me at this point, or how to discipline myself better, but i have a feeling i'll learn.

anyways, i got stuff to do soon so i guess i'll wrap this up. seeya 'round!