Jun. 15th, 2016

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i always like seeing games in early development stages, whether hailing from big names or indie devs.

E3 is always exciting. game previews excite me even if i don't have the right console. fandom activity trickles into my tumblr dashboard, tickling curiosity. you can feel the energy, warmth, and fun fans exude as they share inside jokes or discover easter eggs. hearts flutter and fanworks pour in.

the latest pokemon installment is no exception.

the E3 gameplay showcased such pretty graphics. the features seem useful and i love what they're currently doing with the UI.

as for aesthetics, i'm SO HAPPY this region is based on an indigenous culture. we get to see new faces and cultures based on real-world peoples. (this can be tricky as you don't wanna overstep boundaries or appropriate/misappropriate living cultures so i hope we get input from hawaii'an natives.) there are so many dark-skinned characters. finally, we get to choose a wider range of skin tones! and the characters in-game aren't all pasty or based on euro-centric values of beauty!

although i think it'd be better if light skinned + dark hair and light skinned + light hair weren't separate options... THANK YOU NINTENDO FOR THE MUCH-NEEDED POSITIVE DARK-SKIN REPRESENTATION. but seriously, you guys couldn't have let us choose hair and skin color separately?

nintendo's a bit slow on applying fan feedback but i'm happy with the new features thus far. have i mentioned i love the art style, and the trainer animations? i do. i certainly do.
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today on embarrassing but true: see the title above.

seriously. i know ADD plays a role. my short-term memory and attention span are laughable. i tend to over-focus on details thus missing the bigger picture. i get sucked into browsing web page after web page. time almost seems to run away from me, even when i set alarms and whatnot. (in fact sometimes i don't even register the fact that the alarms are meant to help me.)

overall, mentally you could say i'm a mess lol. but it's okay. that's how i was born, and i can learn to work with what i've got.

i'm getting a liiittle better at doing what i gotta. however i still make the mistake of starting things i know i'll get carried away with. (*sideways glance at my 3DS.*) i'm not sure what techniques will work for me at this point, or how to discipline myself better, but i have a feeling i'll learn.

anyways, i got stuff to do soon so i guess i'll wrap this up. seeya 'round!
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they can get expensive, but i believe in the power of games.

i grew up on nintendo so i'm definitely biased but man, imo video games are one of the most versatile and immersive tools out there. why did i refer to them as tools instead of as a medium? well, that's essentially what they are. they're story-telling tools. they're educational tools. they're whatever-you-program-them-to-be tools. heck, PETA's notorious for their violent and derogatory parody games to communicate their message. i think they could go about it with more tact, but that's just my opinion.

i don't have to tell you that video games have a bad rep. so does television. the criticism is nothing new. i understand the complaints. many of them aren't totally unfounded. however, a loooot of those "ban all videogames" or "video games are evil" folks haven't personally experienced enough games to make an informed opinion if you ask me.

sometimes it feels like they just parrot newscasters because they want an excuse to tell their kids instead of admitting they don't want to spend their money on the latest pokemon game. (which is fair enough. it is their money after all.)

you can probably tell which camp i'm in at this point. it's all about how you use video games. knives aren't inherently evil. you can use them to carve meat and prepare a meal. they're also capable of non-intended uses like opening packages. some people take otherwise harmless tools and turn them into murder weapons. the same can be said for pretty much anything else. perhaps you can't take someone out IRL with a game of smash bros... but no action is without consequence.

maybe you played the game in front of your five year old sister and now she thinks punching people to death is a form of affection. that's a problem. we gotta be careful how and what we play--sometimes with who. most parents buy kids toys or games without reading reviews or doing a little research. i've seen so many parents blindly buy their children extremely violent games that THEY PAID FOR and then get mad at the kid when they find out how graphic it is later... without remembering that they didn't look at the cover. that they didn't ask about the rating. that they just figured "if it'll make you shut up i'll get it" while buying it without hesitation.

we can't blame just one person or group on the effects certain games and genres have on our psyche. we gotta remind ourselves step back and try to see what we did wrong, what we may have overlooked or ignored. this isn't easy, but if we want better it's gonna take a little self-criticism.

alright, enough of the negatives. let's get positive!

as i said earlier, i love video games. i grew up playing them. i'm getting tired of typing so i'm just gonna bullet point the rest of this lol.
  • games help with hand-eye coordination
  • certain genres promote developing problem-solving and strategy skills
  • plot and characterization can increase empathy, sympathy, and overall emotional intelligence
  • they can improve spatial reasoning capabilities
  • help fine-tune fine motor skills
  • developing games often requires effective leadership/teamwork skills, mathematics, and a decent understanding computer sciences
there's a lot more i could go into but like i said i am tired of typing and i wanna know what's been revealed at E3 rn so far
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i'm so happy!

i was worried these wouldn't get put out before the end of the indiegogo campaign. i doubt those goals will be reached at this rate since the campaign's about 2/3 full and activity momentum's slowed but you never know!

i'm glad we can purchase more than one access key. after all, the account linking features interests me most. i hope the usernames i want won't be taken by the time i sign up lol.

not much else new to say on the subject besides i'm stoked!


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