Jun. 13th, 2016

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seriously benefitting from this youth halaqa at the masjid. i love the fact that it's nightly. i love being around fellow muslims and being reminded of the beauty of islam.

sigh. learning, reading, and salah seriously lighten the burden upon my soul. arabic is such a rich and nuanced language.

the reason for this journal's title is because--well--it's true. we don't get back time. (sorry sci-fi lovers.) it's scary but also highly motivating. hence the pumped up zuko icon. we spend so little time on this earth. why do i keep letting myself waste it?

"for fun?"

"because i feel like it?"

not a fan of the whole "life is short so do whatever you want, the purpose of life is just to have fun so go wild!!!" i can tell you from firsthand experience: living like that is boring. yeah, you heard me. having fun all the time is boring. we live in a society oversaturated with entertainment, obsessed with acquiring wealth (be that in the form of real estate, electronics, what have you).

getting more stuff makes you feel like you have to have even more. the competition and comparisons start. man, i wish i could afford something so expensive. oh dude he has that already? he must have torrented it, that OS isn't even out yet. maybe i should too.

does that mean we should never ever enjoy life, or play with our kids, or relax? i don't think so. we need to recharge. but our society values such an unhealthy perception of happiness (including the idea that we need to be happy all the time, which is impossible in this life lol) that we expend too much effort in activities that honestly don't matter.

that's part of why i like islam so much. people in our community think worshipping God and striving towards him means we have to be praying or reading qur'an constantly. islam is so easy. if our intentions are in the right place, smiling at people become an act of worship. loving your husband/wife. feeding your kids. thinking about Allah. being kind to strangers. there is so much about islam that our ummah doesn't understand, and sometimes it's our own fault because we don't even care enough to learn about the religion.

there is so much beauty in islam. may Allah allow us to die only as muslims.


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