Jun. 5th, 2016

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i'm not going to link it because i'd probably die of chronic embarrassment.

my maturity at that age is kind of impressive? my immaturity at that age is also impressive. in a bad way.

some LJ entries scream the "woe is me emo kid venting on their livejournal" stereotype, and it's so bizzare to see how much of these events and phrases--word for word--i still vividly remember. people underestimate kids way too often. that's part of why i love journaling. introspection has so much value. i love it. love it love it love it.

and hey, my old icon looks as nice to me as it did when i added it!
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well, not today. tomorrow. but we find out the day before, so it's super exciting!

i love love love this time of the year! everyone is so much friendlier and people who lost their connection to islam starts learning about what it actually feels like to spiritually benefit from the month.

the atmosphere feels lighter. smiles flow in easier.

i really love ramadan.
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  • all girls school
  • more positive cultural/racial diversity
  • no stupid romance
if you read my entries you'll quickly realize one of my pet peeves is romance in literature. nothing will make me roll my eyes and skim paragraphs faster than hormones and crushes. i get it, it sells. people love romance. it's just not my thing LOL.

but seriously, how empowering would that have been to see schoolgirls just totally take down voldemort? imagine how the atmosphere of the books would have changed. imagine how far from canon we could diverge, imagine how many little girls could have looked up to so many heroines from so many backgrounds and relate to all of them instead of frowning at yet another token minority.

imagine the possibilities.

am i getting ideas for an AU? maybe. i don't doubt someone's had the idea before and wrote thousands of words in this alternate world. i'd like to see how the wizarding world--and the cultures these girls come from--would be an absolutely breathtaking adventure.

they always say "write a story you'd want to read."

something for me to think about while planning my novels.


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