Jun. 3rd, 2016

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before i begin this is all coming from from someone who used to be obsessed with harry potter, greek mythology, naruto (ninja magic rofl), and all kinds of dumb fairy tales.

confession: i just don't care about it as much anymore.

it feels so strange to say. those things were my special interests for a loooong time. in some cases they were nearly life-long occupations, siphoning off time i could be spending on more useful pursuits. the truth is that i don't care much for these types of media anymore, although i do miss how it used to make me feel.

however, i'm finding something much more concrete and fulfilling than the fantasy and scifi i used to love: slice of life.

seriously. the older i get the more life smacks me in the face with reminders that nothing is permanent. why waste hours poring over fanwikis to learn about the barely relevant sirius black's ancestry? why obsess over these details that don't matter? why get into fandoms and shows completely devoid of the things i truly care about like flying robots and space princesses? why emotionally invest myself in something so far out of the realm of possibility that it actually hurts me?

the answer pierced me like a bullet. actually, the lack of a good answer pierced me like a bullet.

i don't have time to do things "just for fun." i want to be engaged. i want to come away from something with--with something that actually matters. i want to see humans interact. i want to see relationships (non-romantic ones) form. i want to see how people deal with grief, trauma, pain, joy. i want to see things that matter to me, that'll affect me in everyday life and the life to come.

i want something more.

i've realized that that something more isn't something i'm gonna find in a story about made-up races and imaginary planets or aliens or time travel. these things occupy our minds and we stop even caring about real-life issues. don't try to convince me it doesn't happen--i've seen it enough firsthand. (the search for aliens sometimes makes me laugh. people can't even interact with people from our own species without messing up.)

i'm tired of people ignoring racism and islamophobia and ableism in fantastical media because people just don't (or refuse to) see the parallels the creators were implying. i'm tired of the tip-toe acts people are using in fantasy to say "racism is bad, yeah!" without actually addressing real-life issues. i'm tired of (usually white) fans denying any connection to current problems because "it's just a story" or "it's all made up." i'm tired of the white creatures being pure and good while the dark/darker/black ones are always dirty, evil, and/or uncivilized. i'm tired of these half-hearted attempts at tackling discrimination head-on that completely miss the point. i'm also tired of minorities being represented as monsters or animals or some weird hybrid species. it's like people can't feel anything for fellow human beings unless we look like puppies. i've seen people literally show more sympathy for animals than victims of police brutality. we've had enough being represented as subhuman. hollywood and publishing companies consistently choose profit and "entertainment" over the value of actual human lives.

so often media (whether news channel, print, or online articles) is the vehicle used to push political agendas, stereotypes, greed, narrow-mindedness, corruption, and any gross human rights violations you can imagine forward.

do i think fiction's totally useless? no. the oppostie, actually. but if we're spending more of our time on made-up monsters instead of the ones plaguing our society and our very selves, then how are we ever gonna do something about them?


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