Jun. 2nd, 2016

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Jun. 2nd, 2016 06:37 pm
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social media destroys me.
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note: i love the oxford comma, using it, and not so much that one song by vampire weekend.

so right now i'm pretty excited about pillowfort.io!

i know, i know. "another social media platform/tumblr clone/blogging site? i'm getting tired of this." same here.

tumblr is... decent i guess, but it doesn't have them same feel as LJ used to. it's based on sharing, not communicating, and the site's design really shows it. inkstand was a drawn-out failure that took too long to execute. their small team was woefully under-sourced and perhaps a bit too ambitious. the folks behind rollrbla.de seem confident but i'm not so confident that they can deliver from what i've seen.

so why do i think pillowfort may actually make it?

well, for one they've documented almost every step of the way. "should be done by this time" estimates haven't been agonizingly far off from "actually done" dates. they seem to have realistic goals, numbers, and have a working prototype up.

don't get me wrong, inkstand did as well. i got into the beta (or was it an alpha?), signed up with my username, and was even able to make/edit posts. reblogs and notes worked but had no notifications. (i convinced some friends to apply for the beta.) following seemed to work, however there was no dashboard back then so i had no feed. i could see other's blogs and successfully block them. even going directly to a blocked user's blog post via link (and yes, you could see a post based on its number) wouldn't let you see it. all seemed to be going smoothly despite bumpy beginnings.

then project came crashing to a stop. i was heartbroken because i loved inkstand's planned features. so much work clearly went into the project. i wanted the naysayers to be proven wrong, and i wanted to be at the forefront to say "ha! i told you!" no need to say my ego wasn't stroked that day.

with pillowfort i see much more consistent results. do i dare hope?

obviously. i can't stand the sites i use most and i want out. i've sunk so much time into them. i miss the interactive aspects of the sites i used to use. i crave the combination of LJ and tumblr i never realized i wanted until stumbling upon pillowfort. i'm also a big nostalgiac baby. i know this site may not survive, but it's already been fully funded (in less than two days, might i add) and i want so badly for it to succeed.

the only thing i worry about is the community. it'll be ruled by lots of fanwork and i'm not as into entertainment as i used to be. i just can't find any media with active fanbases that i can get into anymore. (more on that later, perhaps.) that and certain groups on tumblr can be a bit... unpleasant? you know the ones i'm talking about. but anyway.

as long as the site survives closed beta, i think we've got a good chance of surviving. let's make this work!


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