Aug. 25th, 2016 06:07 pm
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found the website host that works best for me AND it doesn't cost money to hook up a third party domain name. yeehaw! thanks, squarespace. only thing is in less than 14 days my free trial ends. wah. but all is not lost, for i have a sponsor.

i found some cool things these past few days. like most of the cool things i discover these days, they're all youtube channels.
  • The Dom
  • Nerdwriter1
  • Wisecrack
wisecrack isn't actually new to me. i've enjoyed their earthling cinema series and all the eyebrows that entails for a while now. what interests me at the moment are their "the philosophy of" videos. nerdwriter does these stunningly evocative, thought-provoking video essays and the dom discusses relevant books and movies. i adore the lost in adaptation (adaption?) series. could do without the cross dressing.

i'm neglecting my writing habits in favor of reading and i seriously need to find a way to balance the two. i'll probably have to break out timers. at least half an hour of writing a day to start should be good. i can get a lot done in half an hour at this keyboard.

well, that's pretty much it. until next time!


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