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ever go on a video watching spree that entertains, enlightens, and elucidates so succinctly that you're bursting with inspiration and articulation?

i just did. i'm talking about the youtube channels Now You See It, Digibro, and Mother's Basement. mostly the last two.

storytelling fascinates me, whether in film, literature, or animated series. sometimes i just open up tvtropes and go to town learning the terms and archetypes that define my favorite genres. i also take an unreasonable amount of pleasure in opening a bunch of tabs in google chrome. sue me.

the channels i mention mainly focus on film or anime. they're audio/visual mediums with lots in common and capable of imparting genuinely beneficial experiments.

so now for the inevitable list of things in anime that bother me!
  • fanservice and sexualization of minors
  • excessive explanation
  • drawn-out and insultingly obvious exposition
  • excessive jargon
i'd like to go more in depth but fatigue is telling me to not finish this sentence and post this entry already so i can sleep


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