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apologies for the lack of updates. i've been in a slump lately honestly.

so little has been going on lately, in my personal life, so i've started researching random topics of interest or things i've heard about as i usually do when bored. to be quite honest, i knew corruption was widespread and invasive but had no idea to what almost unavoidable extent. it's made me re-evaluate my entire life, behaviors, and beliefs (about this country and the world at large, not in the spiritual sense).

it's no secret we're being screwed over in every facet of our lives by huge corporations and the US government. it's no secret these huge corporations owned by greedy elites are using their affluence to exercise a terrifying amount of control over the policies and laws that are meant to protect us.

frankly, we're all sick of it. and after a few existential crises and time spent looking inward i've decided i want little to nothing to do with it. i'm not sure when or exactly how but i plan on making some changes to my life so that i'm less dependent on these abuse-prone scammers. the first step is education. it's vital to prevent getting stuck in the rat race and other common pitfalls. i'm so glad i've been blessed with the opportunity and tools to learn, grow, and prosper. rights big business owners seem to believe only belong to them. but anyway.

people make jokes about dystopian societies and thank God they're not living in a hunger games-esque environment. while we may not have the over-the-top symbolism or government endorsed death games of classic and modern novels alike, there are definitely remorseless figures pulling strings to fulfill their own selfish desires via genocide, war, and large scale oppression.

and america is no exception.

i'm not suggesting we revolt or secede or whatever. i'm talking about less extreme measures. i'm concerned about my health, family, future, and future family. i want to live healthier, stronger, smarter. i want to help people. and i certainly don't want to do that while slowly killing and diseasing myself with processed foods, questionable medical "treatment," and other nonsense that's been shoved down our throats that require us to work work work until we die to line the pockets of corporations that don't give two rats toenails.

alright, time for me to do some more studying. i recommend you do your own as well. this entry merely tiptoes around the factors driving this not-so-sudden change.

pray for me. peace.


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